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Lizards Hold the Sun

Archaeology has historically been a field for white men only.

Not anymore. Xiomara Chavez has dedicated her life to the preservation of her Mexican homeland. Out of hundreds of applications, she alone was selected to lead the creation of the Bunchberry Tribal Museum. Faced with her most remote project ever, Xiomara must rely on the help of Calehan, the aloof museum architect.  Sparks fly in the archives as Xiomara struggles to uphold Life Rule #2: No Workplace Romances. 

Tight-lipped Calehan Yellowbird has been tethered to Bunchberry, Canada for a thousand years. After the loss of his mother as a teen, Calehan has been providing for his family more than half his life. While he earned his architecture degree nearly a decade ago, the Bunchberry Museum would be his first official project. The pressure was immense, and Calehan felt the pressure of this project being his first…and last. Romance and dreams weren’t in the cards for someone like him. For Xiomara though, he was willing to take the chance.

Thrown among ancient artifacts, shooting stars, and cultural obligations, Calehan and Xiomara must decide if they belong to each other or if the responsibility to their tribes and families are where they must be.  

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When Stars Have Teeth

Buffy Yellowbird knows exactly what she wants. She went to college, got her degree, moved to the city, and found a big girl job. Working at the San Francisco Urban Indian center is a dream come true - except that it constantly fans the flames of anger stuck in her belly. Thanks to a non-Native board, Buffy spends every day fighting for the community to have what they need. With each day at work as terrible as a Monday, Buffy doesn’t have time for relationships. She barely has time for her siblings. 

Santiago Morales is an ultra-suave immigration lawyer that keeps showing up in Buffy’s life. Despite his playboy-looks, Santiago is a family man ready to settle down. Unable to resist one another, the two agree on an associates with benefits arrangement that quickly dissolves the walls between them. 

Before long, Buffy finds herself craving Santiago for more than a romp in the sheets. Their associates' arrangement was evolving into something more. Faced with accepting the darkest parts of herself or leaving Santiago behind forever, Buffy must decide if she is worthy of love.

When Stars Have Teeth Cover.png
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Book #3

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